What is a relationship based model?

When you seek out the services of any professional there’s one question that is universal, “How much is this going to cost me?”.

We prefer to work with you based on an agreement that establishes what we will be doing for you on a regular basis. We call it a Professional Service Agreement. The agreement is customized to your situation. It could be comprehensive, including tax planning, advisory services, bookkeeping, and payroll or simply your annual tax returns. But we always include unlimited telephone calls and email messages so you don’t need to be concerned about receiving an invoice for every question you may pose to us. You know your investment from the outset. It makes it easier for you to budget and it reduces the likelihood of surprises. But more importantly, you know we’re here to assist you with anything that affects you financially.

From a pure tax planning standpoint we guarantee a 2 for 1 return on our planning fee the first year. That means that for every dollar in planning fee you will see at least two dollars returned in tax savings the first year. We regularly save more than that but if we told you the real returns you probably wouldn’t believe us.

Our relationship will develop as we work together. We look forward to working with you for a long time.