Diagnostic Meeting / Mini-Tax Planning session

diagnostic-meetingIf you feel you might be paying more income tax than you should, think that maybe you’ve outgrown the capabilities of your current tax advisor, or simply want a second opinion, you owe it to yourself to schedule a time to talk.

During our initial session we will discuss your situation to become familiar with you and your goals. We may even be able to share a few tax saving ideas during our discussion. Toward the end of our conversation we will mutually know whether we should move forward with sharing more information. We will ask you to share copies of income tax returns, brokerage statements, depreciation records, financial statements, and other documents that may be important in your situation.

We will review the documents in light of our discussion to determine whether we can help. Of course we may have additional questions. If we believe we can help we will get started on one of two courses of action based on what is right for your situation:

  1. A formal tax plan – we lay out the specific suggestions and identify the tax discounts to which you are entitled and how to get them. It is guide for what steps to take and when designed specifically for you. We can then assist with the implementation or you can continue to work with your existing advisor. If you chose to have us assist, we will generally move to the next step, a Professional Service Agreement. When you invest in a tax plan the most significant aspect is the ROI (Return on Investment). Our planning clients generally realize a multiple of the fee in reduced taxes in the first year.
  2. A professional service agreement (PSA) – Based on your situation we believe you are ready for ongoing assistance from us. We will provide regular guidance and consultations throughout the year to keep you on track toward your goals. We want you to contact us with any decision that affects you financially. But, you don’t have to fear receiving an un-expected invoice for emailed questions or talking to us on the phone. Of course the preparation of any required income tax returns are included. We’ll even include payroll if necessary.


Get started today by scheduling your Mini-Tax Planning Session.