Hi I’m Mike McCormick.

You’ve probably never thought you were wasting money over paying your tax bill.
But, could you be making mistakes or missing opportunities  costing you thousands of dollars year after year?

Very often it’s just a matter of simply not knowing where to look.

Did you know that over 80% of American taxpayers make at least one of these mistakes:

    • Utilize a business entity they’ve outgrown.
    • Don’t hire their family in their business
    • Pay for medical expenses with after tax money and get no itemized deduction for the expense.
    • Retire from a public company without considering NUA (Net Unrealized Appreciation)
    • Pay private school tuition or college costs with after tax money.
    • Forgo a home office deduction even if eligible.
    • Only consider the standard mileage rate for auto expenses.
    • Miss out on legitimate meals and entertainment expenses.
    • Not sure what tax credits exist for them.
    • Never considered a real estate cost segregation study.
    • Have a successful business without considering a CHIC.
    • Have no documented succession plan.

Making even one of these mistakes means you are wasting money paying to much INCOME TAX!

Chances are you’ve been giving Uncle Sam way more than what is due. Just think what an extra $1500, $2000, $3000 or more a year would mean for your family. An extra vacation?  A few more days off?  Maybe that boat you’ve wanted? A few spa days? After all it really is YOUR money… You should be able to spend it how YOU want, right?

Stop over paying and start putting more of your hard-earned money back in your own pocket

Clients count on us to help ensure their long-term business and financial success. We’ll help you create and implement a plan designed to increase your cash flow, your profit, and minimize your tax liability.

Like Cinderella’s carriage, many opportunities turn into pumpkins at midnight on December 31st, so give us a call or schedule a diagnostic meeting today!

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